SRP Recruitment Review

First, thanks for all the participations. After a week of intense application, selection, and interview.
Now the recruitment of SRP has been successfully completed. Let’s look at our recruitment review.

Social Responsibility Practitioners is a platform built by a group of young people at home and abroad who are concerned about China’s social responsibility and the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).It aims to record the experiences and stories of social responsibility practitioners through youth power and deepen the awareness of civil society responsibility. It also aims to build a network of communication and cooperation in the field of social responsibility and encourage China to implement the SDGs of United Nations.

The SRP total application form

has been viewed a total of 1274 times

responded validly for 206 times

Discipline Diversity

The participants come from 102 schools, 81 majors

With excellent grades in

Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Yale University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, New York University, The University of Sydney, The London School of Economics and Political Science…

With rich experience in

Overseas, accounting for 55%

And a broad geographical distribution, including

China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Nepal, Spain, Italy

Gender Statistics

During the SRP recruitment, a total of 166 women submitted applications, accounting for 80.58%;

a total of 40 men submitted applications, accounting for 19.42%.

Level of education

During the SRP recruitment, a total of 5 applicants are high school students, accounting for 2.43%;

a total of 180 applicants were undergraduates, accounting for 87.38%; there were also 21 other

applicants, including postgraduates, accounting for 10.19%.

Application Direction

During the SRP recruitment, applicants can apply for multiple departments at the same time. The department with the largest number of applicants is the General Affairs Department, with a total of 92 applicants, accounting for 31.62%.


Finally, we would like to express our special thanks to YouthCompetitions, YouthPractices, YouthUpMP, Sardinelog, HorizonZhixing, Conarium Research Institute, OwlTryPlan and other partners for their strong support in SRP recruitment! (Translated by Wangxinyue)

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