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  • Protests against police brutality and racism came across the world

(UN news /Shirin Yaseen)

Protests first erupted on 25 May, after video footage went viral on social media of a white police officer in the city of Minneapolis kneeling on the neck of 46-year-old African American George Floyd, for more than eight minutes, causing his death while in police custody.

Over the past week, tens of thousands of demonstrators have since taken to the streets of more than 300 US cities, as well as other large urban centres around the world. It’s summarized that protests broke out in a dozen of countries and moreover, US embassies and consulates in many countries were surrounded by protesters.

High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations Miguel Ángel Moratinos tweeted that the death of George Floyd in police custody is “another reminder that racism – and all forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, color, or gender – is also a pandemic”.

The article presented how the globe focuses on human right and they fought for peace, justice and strong institutions.

  • Glance at Covid-19

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases globally has now passed the 6.4 million mark while the total number of deaths worldwide stands at 391,285. Much of the increase in new cases has been driven by Brazil, which has now surpassed the US in terms of new daily infections.

In Europe, there was continued good news in Europe as EU cases dropped by 3% on the previous week and while average mortality rates across the continent stayed relatively stable this week. The opposite is Latin America. The fact that South America is now bearing the brunt of Covid-19 infections was made clear by the 31% increase in new cases since this time last week, to 961,871, most of which came from Brazilian cases, only second to American.Speaking of US, the number of Covid-19 cases has continued to creep up in the US, raising concerns that the number could hit two million if the country does not get a handle on infection rates. New Covid-19 cases across Asia were up 29% on the week, totalling 608,542. India, Pakistan, Singapore and Bangladesh remained the countries hardest hit in the region.

Written by Honghong

Source: https://www.evaluate.com/covid-19-daily-update


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