How to Achieve the SDG? Equality Edition.

Author: Giulia Interesse

When discussing Sustainable Development Goals, that of sustainability should be approached as a relatively contemporary concept. The conversation around intergenerational solidarity has evolved with time, allowing us to fully understand our responsibility towards the construction of a better society. In order to develop a sustainable world, it is thus necessary to face some rather tough challenges.

Environmental sustainability can also be considered highly influenced by the various  relationships formed among individuals. It is useful in this sense to ask ourselves a question: what values should underpin our relationships with others? Equality is what we should keep in mind, while thinking about it. Providing people with equal treatments in front of the economic, social, and justice systems is the ultimate goal to be achieved community-wise and extended globally. Where to start from?

  1. Listen and Reflect.

Very often, we face real difficulties in recognizing and accepting prejudice. Many notions and stereotypes concerning race and gender are automatically reproduced within our behaviour, as if they were an unscindible part of us. Studies in the field of behavioural science have uncovered such unconscious biases. The real work for the individual is to become aware of them, so that they can be challenged and, eventually, replaced. This switch will mark the very specific passage to an active form of engagement and solidarity with anti-racist movements and gender-equality stands.

  1. Build a fair workplace.

When in a position of power, no matter how “small” it might feel, always privilege diversity and encourage a positive exchange of values between diverse teams, which will most definitely result in a complete success. For example, different studies have proved how increasing the number of women in a managerial team will lead to consequential increase in innovation revenue (Boston Group Study, 2018).

  1. Support diversity-driven media.

The creative industry across the world has slowly opened its door to more inclusion, which has resulted in more job posts dedicated to creators of different ethnicities, genders and views. Supporting such a process might seem no big deal, but it will actually boost both economic equality – giving more work opportunities to minorities – as well as social justice – offering a fair and wonderfully colorful artistic representation of our reality.

  1. Be thoughtful with your finances.

Whether it is about planning a donation or making an investment, both are good opportunities to take a stand and practically contribute to the creation of an equal system. Choose wisely where to direct your finances, privileging companies which embrace diversity and equality, or fundraising which support unprivileged groups.

  1. Let children be free!

Break the chain of prejudice, when possible, by encouraging kids to play according to their own fantasy while, at the same time, educating them about how much beauty is there in diversity: a value that makes a community uniquely rich, when the same opportunities are granted to everyone.

Goals achieved, overall:
No poverty (goal 1), zero hunger (goal 2), Good Health and Well-Being (goal 3),
Gender Equality (goal 5),
Decent work and Economic.Growth (goal 8),
Reduced inequality (goal 10) ,
Sustainable Cities and Communities (goal 11),
Peace Justice and Strong Institutions (goal 16), Partnership for all the Goals (goal 17)

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