Heated Topic of the Week-Glance at CovID-19,Yemen Crisis: a living hell for children

  • Glance at CovID-19

Updated on July 4, total confirmed coronavirus cases in the world has reached 11.2 million in which US and Brazil are still the worst-hit countries in this pandemic, with total cases of 2.89 million and 1.54 million. After maintaining a long period of stability, the U.S., like many other countries around the globe, has experienced a second outbreak in most states with the ongoing BLM protest movements in the past month. A new single-day high of 52,291 new cases has been reported on July 2, just ahead of the celebration of July Fourth Weekend. The increase in cases has resulted in suspending the reopening plans and extended public safety policies. However, in Brazil, public access to businesses such as bars and restaurants may be accounting for the resurgence of new outbreaks and public fears. The other highly debatable topic that has been taking place on media and scientific field is the newly mandatory mask wearing policies, which has been inconsistent between countries. Over 50 countries now has laws that demand people to have face coverings when they leave their doors. Nevertheless, the WHO has made a recommendation that there is no need for healthy individuals to wear a mask, unless they feel unwell and experience coughing and sneezing.

  • Yemen crisis : a living hell for children

While the Associated Press reporting on a Saudi-led coalition airstrike which has taken the life of 13 civilians in Yemen, including four children, the war-torn country continue to kill children and recruit them as child soldiers. During the times of conflict, Yemen’s mistreatment of children was substantiated and 4042 grave violations against 2159 children were verified by the United Nations, a secretary general states in a UN report.



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