I’m Sorry, Cuz You’re a Homosexual

In the song “Dui Wang(对望)”, there is a line of lyrics quoted by the author in his WeChat account, “the meaning of love is to bless all the differences”. The world is full of complexity because of its vastness. However, there are still some emotions that are universal among all the humans. We call it love. Concern, reluctance, longing…all of these come from love.

When we met there, we completed a “Dui Wang”(facing each other), regardless of what stance we hold. Perhaps after countless encounters, we will eventually find the truest self and the deepest love.

“Love is love”, “Love wins”, “Nothing is more beautiful than the colors of rainbow”……When seeing these sentences on the screen, what’s your first reaction?

— “Here you go again”?

— “All right”?

— “What the hell is that”?

The year of 2020 has witnessed a heat on the LGBTQ-related discussions as they were in the past years.

The Rainbow Flag–Symbol of LGBTQ’s pride

People, living in the 21st century, unless those who are too old or too young, are almost impossible to be unfamiliar about the existence of this group–homosexual, of whom having affection for the same sex is their most obvious feature. Among the LGBTQ+ (sexual minorities, refers to those who are different from the general population on the factors such as sexual orientation) group, the homosexuals enjoy the largest popularity. If you give it a random search on the Internet, you will see countless gay celebrities, such as “elder brother”-Leslie Cheung and “father of computer”-Alan Mathison Turing.

Undoubtedly, the homosexual group is still a minority. In daily life, the responsibilities and pressure shouldered by those GL and BL are always deep-hidden and unknown to the public. Some people ridicule them because of ignorance or maliciousness; others may regard them as “aliens” and have no idea of how to get along with them.

The classic homosexual film–Brokeback Mountain

What is the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality? What duties does homosexuality need to bear? SRP hopes this article will further your thinking.

It has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation, which means love and human nature.

“As long as someone in the entertainment industry wants to come out, they will come and ask me first… I usually discourage them from doing so. I would tell him, you are standing in a lonely position…” In the second season of “I can I BB” (A debate show), Cai Kangyong paused here. With the applause of more than ten seconds, though as a host who always mocked himself as “the only one coming out and still alive”, he slowly got the tears well in his eyes.

The host Cai Kangyong

“When you get to the top of an industry, you can reassure your mom and dad… But the problem is that many people can’t make it this way.”

In ancient times, homosexuality was not a “weird thing”, and even became popular in certain periods, such as the ancient Greece in the West and the Han Dynasty in China. Almost every emperor of Han Dynasty has several toy boys, such as Emperor Han’ai and Dong Xian who coined the word “cut sleeves”(romance between males).

The Ancient Greek appreciated the beauty of human body, esp of “adonis”

Open-minded ancestors would never expect that same-sex love was a taboo for thousands of years. Countless countries list homosexuality as a mental illness, and homosexuals may even face life threats. In Russia, which has so far been anti-homosexual, gay and lesbian people holding hands on the street may be beaten and scolded.

“Disgusting”, “perverted” and “shameless”… Homosexuals are most often labeled as “violating ethics”.

In the view of anti-homosexual people, the existence of homosexuality is unreasonable. The combination of Yin and Yang (male and female) is justified and in line with nature. If the world is full of homosexuals, wouldn’t human beings become extinct because of “infertility”?

This argument is actually untenable. Homosexuals are classified as “sexual minorities” precisely because they are biologically divided and they cannot possibly become mainstream. Similar to left-handers, the homosexual population has long been stable at 5% of the global population. Such a point insisting that these hundreds of millions of people threaten the survival and development of mankind is really groundless and ludicrous.

A pair of homosexual dolphins

Reproduction is only a means to the continuation of offspring, not the whole story. Homosexuality, which is inherited steadily as a species evolves, even improves the survival of the race. Female Phoebastria immutabilis will live together to raise their young; male Tursiops truncatus will stay together to strengthen group cohesion.

“Why do girls have to love girls? Girls should love boys.” Why is that? Even in biological terms, homosexuality makes sense. Since two groups have the same solid arguments and belong to the same race, there is absolutely no reason for one to refute the other.

Is it because homosexuality is “diseased”, or is it because the majority is depriving the minority’s human rights simply by safety in numbers?

Of course not. Most of the gay rights movement’s goal is not to make homosexuality mainstream, it’s unrealistic and irrational, but simply to earn the rights that gay people deserve, the rights that normal human beings deserve. Let’s not stand in the way of others’ legitimate objections to homosexuality. After all, every man has his hobbyhorse. What should be abandoned, is the irresponsible prejudice and discrimination.

Mother of the youth Ye Yongzhi; Ye was found dead strangely at school because of bullying for his feminine behaviour

We need to speak out loud, whether you’re homosexual, another sexual minority, or just a teenager at odds with conventional wisdom: born innocent, you don’t need to be sorry.

You are extremely normal and incredibly free. May you always be brave.

Coming out, as it is now known, refers to a sexual minority’s openness about their sexual orientation or gender identity. When our friend suddenly tells everyone that he or she is gay; when a celebrity has been candid about his sexual orientation on Weibo with a picture of a rainbow flag…These both mark their bold “coming out”. Of course, there are gays who, under pressure from many walls, open their closet to only a few people (or hide it so far).

For young homosexual, coming out may not be a problem. What they are probably fretting about is something else—-coming out against their own wills, a condition when an insider discloses their identities to an unknown person without their consent. The direct or subtle revelation of their identities may cause unnecessary annoyances to a homosexual, but the initiators even may not realize that they have brought troubles to them.

Tim Cook–CEO of Apple

Coming out or not? Suddenly “become” a homosexual? This is a question that needs to be considered seriously by homosexual people. Heterosexuals do not have these worries because their sexual orientation is default, and whether or not it is disclosed is insignificant. But homosexual identity makes “coming out” hard and frustrating because you are homosexual and you need to (or must) explain your differences to someone you trust.

The struggle may be justified. Despite all the gossip, everyone should admit that homosexuals are the “minority”. “Coming out” is therefore a natural responsibility, or pressure, that this social groups must shoulder.

This is a question without answer. Even if the abuse of homosexuality were to disappear one day, the mainstream of human sexuality would still be heterosexual.

Famous singer Troye Sivan, who came out through a video

There’s a lot of same-gender behavior, like same-sex love. A popular joke a few years ago pointed out like “Straight men like lesbians, lesbians like lesbians, straight women like gay, gay like straight men”. Gay people, it seems, have a harder time finding a partner than heterosexuals: their family members may block them, and their target who earned their hearts may be true heterosexuals.

Let’s assume that a gay is a lucky dog in that he earned his families’ acceptance, friends support, and found the perfect partner. But they may face the next question—-how to have a child instead of adoption?

There’s no way because two homosexuals cannot give birth, and they need medical help to prepare for their hard-won baby. This is a process that cannot be successful without enough money, time, and advanced technology, a process harder than heterosexuality.

Let’s assume that the couple live a happy life with children around. Suddenly, one of them has an injury or gets sick, ending up in a surgery, but his or her partner can’t sign the notice on their behalf. The reason is quite simple: homosexual marriage is illegal based on current laws, which means that the couple can not have a legal relationship as husband and wife according to the terms. As a result, the notice can only be signed by a close relative who is related by blood.

Nowadays, homosexual couples, whether in relationship or marriage, lack legal protection, a trouble that the movement in homosexual communities is trying to solve because they should not be stuck in this kind of situations. Different identities may bring different experiences, but they should not lead to trouble, let alone the lack of help. Both their needs and dislikes deserve more open discussions and should be given more thoughts. To this day, more and more celebrities are coming out publicly, while the blessings they receive are gradually outweighing negative questions among the society. Since June 1st, 2020, the wedding video of Shuiyue, who is a disciple of Yang Liping, has aroused heated discussions on Chinese social platforms.

Shuiyue and her wife’s wedding day, which has been supported by their family

During the interview with the media, Shuiyue, along with her partner, seemed rather calm and honest. Most people are deeply touched by this wedding video, sending congratulations and expressing their support in social media. Some of them left comments online, saying “This wedding gives me hope…. your parents are also great!” “They did not mention how much difficulty they had overcome along the years, but they were just expressing their love for each other. ” In response, Shuiyue and her partner replied that love is everything. Their wedding is a great example. The voices from homosexuals, especially among celebrities, can greatly influence the viewpoints of the public. By improving public understanding of homosexuality, the gay community are actually making positive impacts in our society.

This group has been misunderstood for too long and they have to do more to change the situation. This can take some time but may not be so challenging during these days. “Modern Family”, one of the most popular family dramas in recent years, has left great impressions among the audiences. Each character is unique in the comedy, especially Cam and Mitch. The homosexual couple always brings audiences with joy, although “both husbands” have their little weaknesses; sometimes Cam can be too sensitive and appears to be a drama queen, while Mitch seems to be rather picky and loves to brag a lot. However, they deeply love the family and treat the adopted daughter, Lily, as their own. As audiences, we can sense the warmth and joy in their relationship. As gay couples, Cam and Mitch show the same love to their family as any other heterosexual ones.

Love can bring warmth and strength. Love is everything, and has nothing to do with gender.

“What is the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality?” In the past, the answer to this question might be “One prefers the same sex and one prefers the opposite one”; but today, many would answer “love is love, and there is no difference” or “if you truly like the one, either man or woman makes no difference.” Homosexual people have to go through certain challenges because of their own characteristics. This is rather frustrating but also seems to be quite common, because the rules are firstly used to satisfy the need of the majority in our society. However, after fully understood, homosexuals can fight for their equal rights with own efforts and the help of others.

2019 marks the legalization of same sex marriage in Taiwan, China

Today, many would say that the sexual orientation really doesn’t matter that much. Whether you like the same sex or the opposite one, it is all about holding the hands of each other, kissing and loving our partner. If you are heterosexual, congratulations! You have got the easier version of life. Almost every step you have taken can be smoother than the counterpart, and you can spend the rest of your life with the one you truly love. If you are gay, bisexual, transgender…. wish you the best luck! You are the blessed one. The world has entrusted you with a task: show everyone how great you are with your courage.

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