Global Youth Ecological Governance and Social Development Summit (Online)

Our Project Background

On September 25, 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit will be held in New York headquarters. At the summit, the 193 member states of the United Nations formally adopted 17 sustainable development goals. The goal of sustainable development is to solve the development problems of social, economic and environmental dimensions in an integrated way from 2015 to 2030, and turn to the sustainable development path.     

Young people are the most dynamic, responsible and active group in the global society. They need opportunities to show themselves, promote the realization of SDG through thinking and actions, and build a better world.           

Jialing Town, Nayong County, Guizhou Province, is located in a mountainous area, with mountain peaks standing high and surrounded by mountains. However, due to the rich mineral resources and the early overexploitation, the ecological environment of the town has been damaged, and the potential geological disasters have affected the life and safety of the residents. Therefore, China Railway Guizhou Tourism Culture Development Co., LTD(CRGTCDC), together with other parties, has launched the project of geological environment restoration and comprehensive treatment of Nayong Queling mine in Guizhou Province (hereinafter referred to as Nayong project), which is committed to turning abandoned mines into clean water and green mountains, damaged resources into effective assets, and mining farmers into industrial workers.           

The project is divided into two construction stages: one is the geological environment recovery and comprehensive treatment stage, the other is the industrial cultivation and operation stage. In the first stage, it includes the land acquisition or transfer of the project land, the collection of houses and ground attachments in the region, the centralized resettlement of the people in the expropriated houses, the treatment of collapse geological disasters, the stripping and storage of topsoil within the goaf treatment area, the comprehensive management of land, the restoration of ecological environment, the construction of high standard farmland and the shaping of ecological space of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses. In the second stage, the available land area is about 38000 mu, and the industry cultivation and operation cycle is 25 years (including 10 years of governance period). The compound industry integrating agricultural planting, breeding, agricultural product processing, farming experience, agricultural tourism, cultural tourism and other business forms will be cultivated and developed. Based on the new industrial mode of “agriculture plus” and “integration of agriculture and tourism”, the “agricultural industry chain” will be established And “family full-time vacation space” dual structure, to achieve the “three living” (ecology, production, life) and “three industries” (agriculture, processing industry, service industry) organic integration and symbiosis.           

The Nayong project shows us the concept of integration of human and ecological environment. We hope to focus the attention of global youth on Nayong, Guizhou, around the 17 indicators of SDG as the overall planning direction, attract more young people to provide suggestions for Nayong’s geological environment restoration and comprehensive management, and put the concept of sustainable development into practice in Nayong and around the world. In this context, the Global Youth Ecological and Societal Governance Online Summit launched.


The theme of this summit is how to balance ecological governance and social governance. Experts and scholars in this field, officials from international organizations, youth leaders of NGOs, and outstanding young representatives from all around the world will be invited to share their ideas on sustainable development in the summit. They will also put forward a development plan on establishing the Global Youth Sustainable Development Action Center in Nayong.

Expectations and Goals

We expect to gather through this summit the wisdom of the youth and create opportunities for global youths that take interest in ecological environment, geological reformation, social governance, etc. to be both theoretically and practically competent. With the aim of promoting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Nayong, Guizhou, we hope to set up a collaborative network for youth NGOs and international organizations worldwide in relevant fields to seek for new ideas and approaches to the local issues.


Adaptive Social-Ecological Governance

Topics of the Summit

 (For reference only. More creative topics are welcomed.)

Mining Governance and Geological Restoration, Mining Governance and Agricultural Development, Mining Governance and Architectural Design, Water Environment Governance, Ecological Governance and Ethnic Cultural Protection, etc.


Qu Wei Executive Director of Institute of Global Development, Tsinghua University Global Common Development Research Center, Director of Continuing Education Center, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

Han Qunli Executive Director of the International Comprehensive Disaster Risk Plan, former Secretary-General of UNESCO and the Biosphere Organization

Jin Jun Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of the Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University

Dong Jing PhD, Tsinghua University, China Railway International Eco-City SDG Atlas

Shi Ruiqi PhD, Tsinghua University, grassroots governance and community activation

Bai Yunan China Youth Climate Change Action Network CYCAN

Cui Rui Social responsibility practitioners (SRP)

Hong Manting Gleentown Education

Zhang Wenjun YSI China

Pu Ziqiu After Graduation

You Will Gain

Face-to-face exchanges with experts and scholars from distinguished universities like Tsinghua University, senior officials of international organizations, heads of CRGTCDC Nayong Program, global youth representatives, and NGO leaders.

An opportunity to plan through cooperation the Global Youth Center for Sustainable Development so as to promote the SDGs in Nanyong, Guizhou.

We Will Meet On:

August, 8th, 2020 (Beijing Time, UTC + 8)

Session One (10:00-11:30): Ecological Governance, Societal Governance, and Nayong

Session Two (14:00-16:00): Case Studies on Ecological Governance and Societal Governance: Findings by Global Youths

Session Three (16:15-18:15): A Sustainable Development Plan for Nayong, Guizhou by Global Youth Leaders

We will meet online via ZOOM.

More celebrated keynote speakers are ready to join us!

Our Partners

  • Organizer: China Railyway Guizhou Cultural Tourism Group Limited   Tsinghua University Horizon Project
  • Special Partners: Social Responsibility Practitioners (SRP), China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN), Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) China
  • Publicity Partners: Social Responsibility Practitioners (SRP), China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN), Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) China

We are all set for the summit. Come and join us! We are waiting for you!

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