Heated Topics of the Week- Covid-19, For Survivors at Charlie Hebdo Trial, Wounds Are Still Raw

Glance at CovID-19:

In absolute terms the number of global Covid-19 infections has risen sharply, despite a fall in new cases versus seven day averages. Total infections are now at 30.5 million, up 1.7 million from this time last week, bringing the global mortality to 952,758.

The virus appears to be spreading much faster in India than elsewhere, with the country recording about 100,000 cases a day. The rise in infections comes as the government continues to lift restrictions to try to boost an economy, but the surge is also a reflection of increased testing. By Sept. 19, India has confirmed cases of 5.3 million.

In Latin America, Brazil has the highest number of deaths, with nearly 140,000 so far. It has also recorded more than four million cases, the third highest in the world.

In the Middle East, Iran has been badly affected by the virus and documents leaked to the BBC Persian service suggest the death toll there is more than double the official total of about 24,000. Neighbouring Iraq has also seen a spike in cases.

Africa has recorded more than a million confirmed cases, although the true extent of the pandemic in the continent is not known. Testing rates are reported to be low, which could distort official estimates. South Africa and Egypt have seen the largest recorded outbreaks so far on the continent.

For Survivors at Charlie Hebdo Trial, Wounds Are Still Raw

Over five years after the January 2015 terrorist attacks, which killed 17 people in and around Paris, witnesses and survivors of the Charlie Hebdo massacre took center stage at a courthouse in northern Paris this week, days into a landmark trial expected to last until November.

The testimonies offered a chilling reminder of the ruthlessness and military precision of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which lasted only one minute and 49 seconds but killed 10 cartoonists, journalists and other staff members — alongside Mr. Boisseau and a police officer, Ahmed Merabet — and left indelible physical and psychological scars for its survivors. However, those directly responsible for the attacks are long dead.

The faces of those testifying were obscured by masks worn as a prevention measure against the coronavirus, focusing attention on their eyes — clouded by tears or lost in memories of the massacre. For Survivors at Charlie Hebdo Trial, Wounds Are Still Raw

Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/10/world/europe/charlie-hebdo-trial-survivors.html


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