Foreign aid arrives in COVID-hit India

As the number of coronavirus cases in India soared to another global record for the fifth consecutive day, Delhi’s health system is on the verge of collapse. On April 27th, the country recorded 352,991 new infections and 2,812 deaths, with the real numbers probably many times higher.  In a garden next to a hospital, some are looking for beds, while others are waiting for news of their relatives who are receiving treatment in the hospital. Many people also have to  wait for hours before they are allowed to cremate their dead family members.

To help India tackle its emerging crisis, countries have sent supplies and sanitary appliances to India. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi tweeted photos of 100ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators, describing the delivery as  “international cooperation at work.”

U.S. President Biden talked with Prime Minister Nadidra Modi and pledged the “full support” of the United States. The United States lifted the ban on shipping raw materials via road, allowing India to produce more Astra Zeneca vaccines. It will also provide medical and protective equipment. The European Commission said that EU member states such as Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden will send another shipment to India, including oxygen concentrators and ventilators, to aid the country.

Indians mourning yesterday during a mass cremation in Delhi of people who died from Covid-19.


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Ruby is a journalist in SRPs Writing and Interviewing Program. She is a senior student majoring in translation and interpreting. Her areas of interest centre around quality education, sustainable production and climate action.

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