World Food Programme plans to provide food assistance to Myanmar people in food insecurity

The World Food Programme (WFP) will offer further aid to people with growing food insecurity in Myanmar.

Due to the triple impact of pre-existing poverty, COVID-19 and continuing political crisis, an increasing number of people in Myanmar have been unemployed and took on debt to feed themselves. More and more people reducing meals to adapt to the situation are suffering from hunger. UN estimated that about an additional 3.4 million population will not have enough food to feed themselves in the next six months. The urban centers, where economy is at a standstill, are the most vulnerable areas.

In March, WFP had assisted 374,000 people in conflict-affected areas of southern Chin, Kachin, Rakhine and northern Shan states. In the next months, it plans to reach 3.3 million people who are have difficulties affording food.

A grandmother washes vegetables to prepare a meal at her home in the country’s Shan state.

Source: UNICEF/Kaung Htet

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