Center of General Affairs

CGA, as the executive department of SRP’s decision-making body secretariat, is responsible for the entire SRP’s internal administrative affairs and external public

relations. We need professional, responsible and comprehensive talents to join. We hope to invite more partners to build a socially responsible and international SRP

Deputy Director

The Number

1 required

Position Information

1) Manage the Center team and make work plans in details;

2) Arrange members of the Center to assist the Secretariat in preparing regular meetings and completing relevant resolutions passed by the Secretariat;

3)Communicate with other departments (Social Media, Writing, etc.) on a regular basis.

Job Requirements

1)Strong interest in Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs, social responsibilities and international affairs, etc. ; Have strong network and resources  with international organizations,  NGOs, multinational enterprises and universities, etc.;

2)Excellent management and communicating compentencies. ( candidates with management experiences are preferred);

3)Good management skills, be able to work about 14 hours per week;

4)Strong responsibility, be able to lead the team and finish every task;

5)Qualified communication ability in Chinese and/or English. ( Qualified with CET4 or CET6/ IELTS 7.5/ TOEFL10 points and above or with abundant English experience ones would be preferred-optional).

Senior Manager of Hubs

The Number

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai—2 required

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau—1required

Position Information

1) Organize global group building activities online and offline;

2) Work closely with HR office and other departments to help organize online and offline activities;

3) Keep close contact with local partners and clients;

4) Other Hub related work.

Job Requirements

1) Experience in event planning or product design is preferred. One need to be careful, earnest, open-minded with creative thinking and teamwork competency;

2) Strong interest in SDGs, NGO, social responsibility, international affairs, etc. Be able to design a variety of activities based on relevant topics;

3) Possess international organizations, NGOs, multinational enterprises, universities and other premium network resources;

4) Members in Shanghai are preferred, as most activities are held in Shanghai now.

Senior Manager of Communities

The Number

1 required

Position Information

1) In charge of SRP online community operation and user maintenance, keep the community active;

2) Post SRP and social responsibility related messages regularly;

3) lmplement related online community activities;

4) Other community related work.

Job Requirements

1) Equip with basic community operation skills, high community sensitivity, good sense of responsibility and teamwork competency;

2) Strong interest in SDGs, NGO, social responsibility, international affairs, etc. Be able to design a variety of activities based on relevant topics.


The Number

2 required

Position Information

1) Responsible for the Chinese-English/English-Chinese translation of featured interviews, reports, articles and posts from other departments;

2) Responsible for document translation for SRP partners (foundations and public welfare organizations, etc.);

3) Provide language support for Interview and Writing Project, Overseas Chinese Women Aid project, etc;

4)Provide Chinese/ English translation/ interview/ interpretation support for projects or individuals related to any SRP business development;

5) Other related translation/interpretation work.

Senior Associate of Public Relations and Global Business Development

The Number

1~2 required

Position Information

1) Liaise with domestic and international organizations, NGOs, multinational companies, universities, and other resources to obtain information on related projects, funding, and other activities to build a global SRP public relations network;

2) Collate SRP existing client information, regularly update client needs and maintain client relations;

3) Manage SRP external activities, such as interview invitations for SRP members, participation in international conferences, etc;

4) Assess the risks that SRP may encounter in public relations and find solutions;

5) Responsible for the project collaboration with SRP PR Department, participate in related decision discussion, follow up and optimize the online PR audit system, as well as analyze the business compliance issue and draw conclusions based on data board.

Job Requirements

1) Strong interest in Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs, social responsibilities and international affairs, etc.

2) Have strong network and resources  with international organizations,  NGOs, multinational enterprises and universities, etc. ( Related experience preferred)

3) Excellent communicating and logical thinking ability with strong teamwork compentency. ( Public relations, business development experience preferred);

4) Qualified communication ability in both Chinese and English. ( Qualified with CET4 or CET6/ IELTS 7.5/ TOEFL 100 points and above or with abudant English experience ones would be preferred-optional);

5) Have good time control skills to finish assignments with good quality and quantity within schedule time; plus a strong sense of responisiblity for the team.

Associate of Human Resources

The Number

5 required

Position Information

1) Regularly collect and update the personnel and position information of each department ( including the latest member list, resume, department organization structure and position arrangement, etc.);

2) Conduct regular recuitment in April and October each year as well as temporary recruitment for each department. Set recruitment assessment standards for written test and interview to help SRP to seek excellent talents worldwide;

3) Help to formulate the system of rewards and penalties based on the future development of SRP resources and members, work and overall efficiency;

4) By issuing questionnaires or organizing regular activities for the crew, to understand everyone’s working status and help enhance the efficiency and happiness;

5) Formulate SRP assessment and training system based on the overall development of SRP and the actual situation of departments;

6) Issue work and volunteer certificates for each department member;

7) And other related HR matters.

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