Eco-Environment Protection and Economic Development Project in Malinduque, Philippines


Ms. May, chairman of United Marinduqienians Inc.(UMI), learned that the company wanted to help Malinduque, Philippines to improve the local environment through reforestation and raise the income of the local population by increasing employment opportunities. However, the project could not go further due to the elder portfolio of UMI company members, lack of support from the local government and lack of funding. As a result, UMI wanted to seek help from other organizations. We hope that through youth forces, we would strengthen practical cooperation between Chinese and Philippine enterprises, civil organizations, colleges and universities, and strive to seek convergence of interests among all parties.

Brief introduction

Together with UMI, we designed cocoa and coconut planting, cultural and creative product development, medicinal plant development, travel package design and other programs to improve the local environment, and raise income of local residents by increasing employment opportunities.


At current stage, we have completed a basic survey of the whole Philippine and Malinduque. We have also published articles and videos about environmental protection on social media at home and abroad (click here to view), and initially completed the plan book of ecological environment protection and economic development for UMI.

Translators: Dingfan Yan, Ariadne & Jacqueline

Auditor: Caroline

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