Organisation introduction

Who are We Social Responsibility Practitioners (SRP) is a special project of the Philanthropreneur Foundation in Beijing, It is co-sponsored by the Youth and Beneficiaries Foundation, which focuses on social responsibility and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SRP aims to carry out projects in the field of social responsibility through youth Power and spread the stories of social responsibility practitioners; Through youth exchange and learning, cross-border collaboration and other forms, to create SDGs communication and practice platform for young people.


Center of General Affairs

Center of General Affairs (CGA), as the executive department of SRP’s decision-making body secretariat, is responsible for the entire SRP’s internal administrative affairs and external public relations. We need professional, responsible and comprehensive talents to join. We hope to invite more partners to build a socially responsible and international SRP.

Center of Social Media, Designing and Marketing

Our department’s work is definitely the most substantial and colorful! Here you can enjoy the XIUMI 135, and be proficient in PS and PR. At the same time, I hope you have sufficient copywriting ability. Everyone here is a master of new media. If you are responsible, creative and like designing as well as marketing, join us!

Interviewing and Writing Project

As one of the most important producers in SRP, we strive to convey a peaceful but powerful voice with objective and idealistic, rational and warm words. The most important part of our mission is to interview and writing. Here you can open your own column for unlimited creation, and you can directly contact with outstanding organizations and their leaders in the field of social responsibility from all over the world and communicate with them the first time. We’re looking for someone who is responsible and feels deeply about social issues. If this sounds like you, join us!!

Research and Innovation Lab

Social responsibility and the SDGs have their own content and characteristics in different  stages, regions, and topics. How to analyze in depth and find a way to practice are the goals of this laboratory. We hope to work collaboratively with all the youth and young professionals who are interested in this topic, analyze the infinite possibilities of social responsibility and sustainable development in a creative way, and influence the actions of various actors in the society.

The backstage replies with the keywords “Center of General Affairs“, “Center of Social Media, Designing and Marketing“, “Interviewing and Writing Project” “Research and Innovation Lab“,  to obtain the position information of the corresponding department.

What do we offer

Voluntary/Internship Certificate

● Excellent members will be awarded the quarterly/annual outstanding volunteer certificate and SRP exquisite accessories products

● Excellent members can apply for letters of recommendation from SRP Advisor /SRP Founder/Program Founder

● Opportunities to grow as a cofounder/partner/director of an organization/project

● If you meet SRP’s criterion, you can join the SRP Alumni Association and enjoy SRP’s lifetime benefits

● Various internal training opportunities:

Relevant skills training, public welfare knowledge training and career development training, etc

● Internal diversified team building opportunities:

The online club has movie party, reading party, sharing session, idea-exchanging meeting and so on

Offline activities have been organized irregularly in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

● You can participate in various short-term projects and activities within SRP to improve your abilities in all aspects in practice

● Write articles and academic papers on social responsibility and SDGs of the United Nations, have the opportunity to publish in well-known platforms at home and abroad

● Opportunities to be mentored by SRP expert consultants

● SRP Partner Internship recommendation and free participation in related activities or programs

● Direct contact with Chinese and international NGOs, foundations, international organizations and other public interest circle contacts and resources

● Study, work and communicate with SRP members from colleges and universities all over the world, and befriend with a group of kind, excellent and responsible friend.


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Offer letter

Induction training

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