Research and Innovation Lab

Social responsibility and the SDGs have their own content and characteristics in different  stages, regions, and topics. How to analyze in depth and find a way to practice are the goals of this laboratory. We hope to work collaboratively with all the youth and young professionals who are interested in this topic, analyze the infinite possibilities of social responsibility and sustainable development in a creative way, and influence the actions of various actors in the society.


The Number

2-4 required

Position Information

1) Assist in setting up the lab and determine the specific research topics within the scope of social responsibility, SDG, social innovation, youth and so forth.;

2) Regularly deliver outcomes in the form of reports, white papers, policy memorandums, etc.;

3)Provide specific suggestions for SRP project development and administrative management

4)Can try to connect with enterprises, NGOs, international organizations, etc., and launch consulting services.

Job Requirements

1)Strong interest in Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs, social responsibilities and international affairs, etc.;

2)Have research experience in think. tanks, academic institutions, international organizations are preferred;

3)Qualified communication ability in Chinese and/or English. ( Qualified with CET4 or CET6/ IELTS 7.5/ TOEFL10 points and above or with abundant English experience ones would be preferred-optional);

4)Applicants must submit a writing sample, preferred 1-2 pages with the topic related to social responsibility, NGO, SDG, et;  Language can be Chinese or English; Samples with more than 2 pages are acceptable.

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