Seeking Common Ground while Reserving Differences,Jointly Creating Well-beings· SDG Series of Webinars


For different subjects, whether enterprises, social organizations or individuals, all have an obligation to implement the SDGs, for it would be the key to future development of our society, economy, culture and all other fields. We hope to find different methods to achieve sustainable development by sharing the stories of practitioners from all walks of life, that is, seeking common ground while reserving differences and jointly creating well-beings. On this background, social responsibility practitioners (SRP) and Benefit China Advocacy Team (B Corps China) jointly launched SDG series of webinars.

Brief introduction

This “Seeking for common ground while reserving differences and jointly creating well-beings· SDG series of webinars” was successfully held on September 26, 2020, 19 hrs Beijing time. This seminar invited practitioners from the field of sustainable development, including SRP founder Cui Rui, “Clean Plate Punching” founder Liu Jichen, Youchang Consultancy founder Zhang Haiyun, Yinghuo Sustainable Development Centre Shimmer SDGs Hub founding partner Wangbo, Master of European Union Governance and Global Governance, University of Geneva & Master of International Commercial Law, Law School, Renmin University of China, at the same time, the Deputy Executive Director of the Youth Parliament (Youth Parliament for SDG) on Sustainable Development, Wennie. They shared their experiences of practical action and views on the SDGs. Meanwhile, we specially invited the B Movement Project Manager from Benefit China Advocacy Team, Sally, to introduce SDG action management tool (SDG Action Manage, SDG AM), which was officially launched in January, 2020 by the United Nations Global Compact Organization (UNGC) and Benefit Lab (B Lab). They spent more than two years on research, development, polishing and testing. By promoting SDG action management tool, more business areas and organizations got to appreciate the important role of SDG action management tool plays in achieving sustainable development and business well-being.


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Translators: Dingfan Yan, Ariadne & Jacqueline

Auditor: Caroline

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